The Last Gasp Hall of Fame

The Last Gasp Hall of Fame
2003- Chris Murphy
2004- Linc Marsh/Rob Nichols
2005- Phil Boudreau
2006- Frank Corbin/Ed Crocker/Jill Sanger
2007- Nick Harmansky/Peter Kelly
2008- Kathleen Kenneally/Larry Kornetsky/Tom Patton
2009- Ron Winner
2010- Paul Hebert/Doug Moquin/Doug Schowerer
2011- Kathy Colgan/Gerry Swift
2012- Bob Nash/Mark Burgess
2013- Jim Doherty/Gallus Family/Bernie Meggison
2014- Steve Hubbard/Beth Marcus
2015- John Kelley/Rick Walters
2016- Alexandria "Sandy" Boudreau/Kiernan "KB" Boyle/Andi Genser/Doug Hempel/Mike LaRocca/Mike Patterson/Jim Strickland/Thomas White/Patty Williams

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"I love all the events ! That bowling one is sure fun and that cute team that keeps winning I just cheer my heart out for them! I love the bike ride thingy to ! So much fun ! Keep doing what your doing ! Love Hiedi Shea"
- Hiedi Shea

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